Conveyor Corrosion-Resistant Upe Pipe Roller

2022-11-20 17:14:15

AYCG HDPE Roller Introduction
* AYCG roller tube is extruded with pure ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material, with a molecular weight of more than 3.5 million, and has excellent self-lubricating, abrasion resistance and anti-aging properties.
* Bearing is from famous domestic and foreign manufacturers such as HRB, LYC, SKF, NSK, etc., to ensure the service life. Seal is injection-molded with high-strength materials to withstand various harsh working conditions.
* HDPE rollers can prolong the service life of the equipment, save energy, and effectively improve the working environment. It has been widely used in transportation systems in coal, cement, steel, electric power, chemical, coking and other industries. It is an ideal replacement product for steel rollers of belt conveyor.
AYCG Roller Specifications
No. Item Description
1 Brand AYCG
2 Roller Diameter 89/102/108/114/127/133/140/152/159/165/178/194/219mm
3 Shell Thickness 6-10mm
4 Face Length 190mm-3500mm
5 Shaft Diameter 20/25/30/35/40/45/50mm
6 Bearing 6204/6205/6305/6206/6306/6307/6308/6309/6310
7 Bearing Type CG A3 / ACGB3
8 Bearing Brand HRB/LYC/SKF/FAG/NSK/CU
10 Pipe Material HDPE
11 Shaft Material Cold Drawing Round Steel
12 Surface Treatment N/A
13 Surface Color Black
AYCG HDPE Roller Advantages
*  Long life – More than 5 times the life of the steel rollers.
* Protect the belt – The surface of the polymer roller tube is smooth, non-magnetic, does not absorb iron powder, dust and various viscous substances; it has very low friction coefficient with the belt and has self-lubricating properties. These advantages can effectively protect the belt and extend 20% service life.
* Light weight – Only 1/3 of steel roller and 1/5 of ceramic roller, which is convenient for installation, and has good power-saving effects.
*  Labyrinth design – The special labyrinth design can effectively protect the bearing. One-time installation, maintenance-free for life.
* Low noise – The noise is only one-half of steel roller, which effectively improves the working environment.
* Special working conditions – Resistant to acid, alkali, salt and other chemically corrosive working conditions.
* Excellent cost performance – The price is slightly higher than that of steel roller, which can bring huge cost savings to customers during its service life.
*  Material advantages – The overall material has excellent toughness, can absorb vibration well, protect the bearing and extend the life.
* Ensure safe production – Effectively avoid production accidents that tend to tear the belt when the steel roller tube is damaged and avoid the friction with the belt when steel roller doesn’t rotate, which is likely to cause fire hazards.