UHMWPE Drag Flight Plastic Scraper Blade Slippery Scraper

2022-09-29 19:03:54

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene scraper is mainly used in scraper conveyor, buried scraper, sweepers and other conveying equipment; ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene scraper is non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used for food

Product machinery-also known as: polyethylene scraper, polymer scraper, conveyor scraper

High self-lubricating, no water absorption — Destroy the molecular chain formed by water absorption, eliminate the adhesion, and cut the material naturally and smoothly.

High wear resistance and impact resistance—Add a variety of modifiers to maintain the original characteristics and improve the more practical advantages.

Shock resistance—The impact resistance reaches 150KJ/㎡ without breaking.

Excellent low-temperature resistance, no embrittlement even at 176°C.

1. Wear resistance: the coefficient of static friction is 0.07;

2. Self-lubrication: smooth surface without roughness;

3. Impact resistance: good impact resistance without damage;

4. Corrosion resistance: can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt, etc.;

5. Non-adhesion: no water absorption, small surface tension, not easy to scale;

Size: Customized products, need customers to provide drawings, and process and produce according to customer requirements.