UHMW-PE-ngineering plastic modifiers

2023-05-31 10:46:23

Characteristics of UHMWPE engineering plastic modifiers

Abrasion resistance, sliding properties, quietness, maintenance of mechanical properties of resin

Examples of use and evaluation

Automotive components, elevator and escalator mechanical components, cable components, sliding components in electronic devices

Issues with current materials used in the field of engineering plastics

Engineering plastics are increasingly being used to replace metal parts. However, sliding properties and wear resistance can be problematic when plastics are used for moveable parts. This is why problems are often solved by combining resins with additives. In general, although UHMWPE is used in many cases, more recently, especially in Europe \ America, Australia, etc., uhmwpe is increasingly being used to make replacement product parts and is now replacing metal parts in numerous industries.


When used as an additive, Anyang Ultrahight industrial Technical Co., Ltd. UHMWPE exhibits superior sliding properties even when added in small amounts. It also significantly improves the physical properties and wear resistance of many other materials, making it an outstanding product for enhancing the sliding properties of engineering plastics.