Packaging and Food Industry

2022-08-25 14:27:41

Murdotec plastics ensure the highest possible level of hygiene.

The highest hygiene and purity standards apply to food production and packaging. This also applies to plastics built into food production systems and machines, as well as plastics that come into contact with raw materials and finished products in food production. These “food contact articles” must have appropriate applicability.

Since 2011, Murdotec has been conducting migration research on its products used in the food industry.

Our FDA and EU food plastics meet the strict requirements of the food authorities and European Directives 1935/2004 and 10/2011. For our LM plastic, direct contact with food is not a problem. When food is in direct contact with related materials, regular migration tests can provide harmless results. You can get traceability documents in the form of certificates from us for free.