Boron_Lead Boron UHMWPE

Boron/lead-boron UHMWPE sheet is made by uniformly stirring boron carbide powder and lead powder in high molecular polyethylene material through high-speed stirring, kneading, plasticizing and hot pressing. It is a new type of composite material. shielding material.

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Advantages of lead-boron polyethylene: polyethylene is a hydrocarbon with high hydrogen content, which has a good ability to weaken fast neutrons, boron absorbs thermal neutrons, and lead is particularly effective in shielding r radiation. Therefore, lead-boron poly The vinyl plate has the effect of comprehensive shielding of fast neutrons, thermal neutrons and r radiation. The popularization and application of lead-boron polyethylene helps to simplify the shielding structure, reduce the weight of the shielding body, and reduce the volume of the shielding body. The lead-boron polyethylene sheet has good engineering performance, good dimensional stability, and satisfactory gamma radiation resistance. The operating temperature is 80~100 °C, and its shielding thermal neutron, fast neutron and gamma radiation performance is obviously better than that of polyethylene. Ethylene, studies have shown that lead-boron radiation-proof polyethylene sheets can effectively prevent the harm caused by nuclear radiation and neutron radiation to individuals and society. Boron carbide, borax, boron trioxide and lead powder can be added according to customer requirements. The content of 5%-50% can be customized for production, and the content of lead powder can reach 80%. And the finished products can be CNC added according to your drawings or requirements. The boron carbide/lead boron-containing polyethylene materials and workpiece dimensions produced by our company can be customized as needed. Plate and workpiece thickness: 10-300mm can be customized on demand. Widely used in: nuclear industry, aerospace, military, medical and other fields. To provide you with professional technical services and communication.


Thickness: 10mm ---------- 15mm 20mm

Neutron source: americium-platinum neutron source

∑: Attenuation coefficient

B4C: boron carbide content