Anti-static sheet

Made with carbon black, these recycled UHMW sheets are a sustainable alternative to standard UHMW sheets in applications where static electricity is a concern, such as in conveying equipment and chute liners. They have a slippery surface that prevents sticking and binding. They also absorb shocks and won’t wear down from friction. Because of their low carbon footprint, these sheets can help you meet criteria for sustainability certifications.

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UHMW is available in a special anti-static grade that helps protect against EsD (static discharge) or to help keep dust and particles from building up on the product surface. The anti-static additives are built-in so the anti-static properties will last throughout the life of the material. UHMW Anti-Static grade is often used to replace machined metal parts and is often found to perform better and provide a longer pat life than metal parts. It is ideal in any situation where static discharge is a concern or in applications where high levels of friction may be causing wear. For example in areas where steel parts are traditionally used, parts from UHMW cause less heat build-up due to reduced friction leading to longer part life.

products Size(mm) Thickness(mm) resistance color
Anti static sheet 3000*1000 8-300 Resistivity: 104~ 109 Ω White\Black\Red, Blue\Green\Custom