Port Terminal-Impact plastic parts

2022-08-25 14:36:23

The port construction conditions are extreme. The demand for sturdy materials to protect wharf walls and mooring ships is increasing. Excellent notched impact strength and best sliding performance ensure smooth progress. There are many different colors of materials to choose from-completely according to your ideas and requirements.

When large forces are applied, reliable protection is essential for dangerous surfaces of concrete and steel structures. Cranes and port construction require sturdy materials. In addition to particularly low wear and high weather resistance, they also have good energy absorption characteristics. Protective mudguards, lock entrances, loading ramps or heavy supports-our materials make the factory safe.


In specific applications, partners from Indonesia use our PE-UHMW material as fenders for port construction. The orange board is used as a visual identifier for certain ports in Indonesia. This demand has also established a cooperative relationship with one of Hamburg’s oldest trading companies.