Automatic membrane filter press filter plate


    The water filter plate of the automatic membrane filter press is an important part of the equipment. The water filter plate is usually made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as uhmwpe or hdpe, etc. Their design and structure determine the filtering effect and performance of the filter press.

The water filter plate usually has a flat surface and has many filter holes or channels for filtering and separating solid particles or suspended matter. During operation, the water filter plate will form a filter chamber together with the diaphragm for the passage of filter media such as water or other liquids.

The water filter plate of the automatic membrane filter press usually has the following characteristics:

1. Corrosion resistance: The material of the filter plate has good corrosion resistance and can operate stably for a long time in different liquid environments.

2. Strength and stability: The water filter plate has sufficient strength and stability to withstand the pressure and load during the filtration process.

3. Filtration efficiency: The filter holes or channels on the water filter plate can effectively separate solid particles or suspended matter, improving filtration efficiency and output.

4. Easy to clean and maintain: The design of the water filter plate makes it easy to clean and maintain to ensure the normal operation and long life of the equipment.

5. Customizable design: The water filter plate can be custom designed according to specific application needs to meet different industries and treatment requirements.

By using high-quality water filter plates, automatic diaphragm filter presses can achieve high-efficiency solid-liquid separation processes, and are widely used in water treatment, chemical, mining, food and pharmaceutical fields.

   Material: Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, English name Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with a molecular weight higher than 4.5 million. With a molecular chain length of 10-20 times that of HDPE, longer molecular chains (higher molecular weight) give UHMWPE the main advantages of toughness, wear resistance and stress crack resistance, because it is a polyethylene UHMWPE also has lubricity, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties of general HDPE. Its successful development is generally regarded as one of the top ten scientific and technological achievements in the 20th century.

Features of UHMWPE filter plate:
■ High self-lubrication, no water absorption — Destroy the molecular chain formed by water absorption, eliminate the adhesion, and cut the material naturally and smoothly.
■ Low cost of use — Compared with the same functional products such as air cannon, vibrator, stainless steel lining plate, etc., the cost is greatly reduced.
■ High wear resistance and impact resistance — Add a variety of modifiers to maintain the original characteristics and improve the more practical advantages.
Application scope of UHMWPE sheet:
■ Coal power industry: raw coal bunker, lower coal hopper, underground coal ditch
■ Steel industry: mixing silo, coking plant, coal tower, coal blending room
■ Cement industry: raw coal bunker, coal powder bunker, clay bunker, iron powder bunker
■ Food industry: hygienic cutting board

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