about anyang ultrahigh factory

Anyang Ultrahigh Industrial Technical Co., Ltd., which was established in May 30, 1996, belongs to high-tech industries. The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet ( referred to as UHMW-PE) is the key promotion of new materials in the period of the State Planning Commission "Nive Five", and scientific and technological projects of Henan Planning Commission "Nive Five ".

Our company undertook the construction of the project, and developed the UHMWPE sheet technology and equipment of four-station, hot plasticized, cold forming, two machine interaction with annual output of 1,000 tons. The sheet metal forming technology and equipment passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements hosted by Henan Development Planning Commission in 1997. The participating experts agreed that the UHMW-PE molding technology and equipment was outstanding in the domestic market. What’s more, our company produces excellent overall sheets over domestic advanced level compelled to the similar products with performance and indicators in the developed countries.

Our company covers an area of 14000 square meters and owns registered capital of 12.25 million yuan plus 25.48 million yuan in fixed assets. Our company has strong technical strength, with five functions of management department which owns a number of highly qualified engineers and technicians relying on Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who adopt the most advanced nanotechnology and commit to research and application of modified UHMW-PE to ensure that the company's technology and product quality has always been in the leading position. Our products are widely applied in metallurgy, electric power, coal, mining, food, food machinery and other industries and are praised by customers.

In 1999, this project was identified as the national Torch Program by the National Science and Technology Commission, and approved as high-tech industrialization promotion projects by the State Planning Commission. In 2000, our company was identified as high-tech enterprises by Henan Province Science and Technology Agency. Our company's ultra goal is to survive and develop relying on quality and credibility. We own scientific management, advanced technology, first-class products and best service. We sincerely serve each customer and create success and future together!

1. Equipment Introduction
We introduce Germany advanced equipment and technology to achieve a continuous production of UHMW-PE sheet. The highly efficient hydraulic press, mold technology and high-precision molds, all of them are advanced in China, Such devices are sufficient to ensure the best quality products, make sure that our products effectively adapt the harsh environment and ensure our commitment to quality to our users in the production of ordinary and special materials modified materials.

2. Rich Molded Altra Production Experience
Owing to many years of production experience, we are able to develop appropriate production process based on different materials to gain one or several specific properties. Therefore, we can ensure high quality products relying on long term experience coupled with good equipment.

3. Quality Assurance System
Our company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2003, so that we are in effective control of the quality system from the raw materials to the production process, sales and installation services. Our quality policy is to strengthen scientific management, pursue the advanced technology to produce first-class products, provide quality service and improve constantly to satisfy the customers. Our quality objectives are to establish a sound quality management system and adopt new technologies and materials to improve production quality. Our final goal is to make the product inspection pass rate 98%, contract compliance rate 100 % customer satisfaction 90%.

4. Laboratory
We own laboratory test equipment, including mortar abrasion tester, test press ( scaled down ) and other test equipment. We insist in monitoring quality and performance of raw materials to ensure the continuity of product quality.

5. Installation services
The traditional method of installation will affect the effective use of UHMW-PE. If not installed properly, the sheet may fall down,which directly affect the normal operation of equipment. Our company introduces U.S. Company PSD 's installation technology. According to different environments of ultrahigh UHMWPE Products, we provide a full range of installation and connection methods to ensure safety and effectiveness of the equipment.

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