General Machinery and Chemical Machinery

2013-12-06 09:57:27

chemical machinery

In general machinery, UHMWPE materials are especially suitable to the parts that are susceptible to wear and tear, stand highly impact strength and as well as those in direct contact with highly corrosive media, for instance, the pump impeller, skateboard, wear plates, chain guides, gaskets, bushings, gears, chain tensioners, belt rollers. In the chemical machinery, it is used for the manufacture of centrifugal pumps, butterfly valves, plate and frame filter machine, nozzle.The life expectancy of UHMWPE has increased five times than Polypropylene.

The models application on the left as follows: this product is used as the lining of train dump truck ,tub overturned bucket and the self-unloading carts. With its wear-resistant, non-adhesive materials, antifreeze, and other significant impact features, all the materials can be unloaded one-time. Especially in particularly cold areas, such as in Northeast, Inner Mongolia and other regions, this product solve the substantive difficult problems of the material transposition on the train with coal and the skip bucket due to the freezing cold and bonding.