Uhmwpe rod

  • Features and Benefits of UHMWPE Bushings:
    • No need for lubricants
    • Longer wear life compared to bronze
    • Lower coefficients of friction compared to bronze
    • Corrosion and chemical resistance

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  • uhmwpe rod
  • uhmwpe rod
■ Overview

UHMWPE Rod is a excellent engineering plastic that can solve many problems while others can not. UHMWPE Rod is not as widely known as other engineering plastics such as Nylon Rod but is still very important and helpful than the more common engineering plastics because of its distinct advantages.

Advantages of UHMWPE Rod
UHMWPE Rod takes great advantage of it's low co-efficient of friction which means it will produce bearings, pulleys or bushes that are very free running, low friction and long lasting. UHMWPE Rod is also very abrasive resistant, this means that UHMWPE Rod can survive longer than other materials when used in high demand environments such as grit or gravel. UHMWPE Rod can often be used in high demand components in the food industry, this is because it has a very low moisture absorption that gives UHMWPE Rod an FDA approval and means that bearings etc will not expand due to any moisture absorption. Another reason that UHMWPE Rod is also used in the marine industry for pulleys is it's low friction and minimal moisture absorption.

Availability of UHMWPE Rod
UHMWPE Rod is alway available from a minimum diameter and a maximum diameter of 200mm. UHMWPE Rod is also manufactured in maximum lengths of 2000mm. UHMWPE Rod is also commercially available in natural colour and also other colors as you prefer.

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