Why UHMWPE Sheet appear the carbonization phenomenon

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During production  process of UHMWPE Sheet, often in shutdown before now will feed port isolation, to the exclusion of plastic extrusion melt machine and the inside of the machine head, and then the district temperature finally closed, shut off the power supply.
Because of the plastic melt has a strong adhesion to metal, so at each stop when they might not be completely ruled out clean, so that the production of a product will have a thin layer of plastic melt in firmly adhesion on the extruder barrel and die wall and screw.
When the equipment downtime, due to the long time natural cooling and heating process in the next time at high temperature, it will make the UHMWPE Sheet have obvious thermal degradation, finally gradually turn yellow, zoom, eventually become carbide.
According to the conventional shutdown mode, both ends of die head and the feeding mouth are not taken effective measures to any, thus being oxidized and cause air to enter into the machine and eventually prompted plastic thermal deterioration of the residual in the machine is more serious, provide favorable conditions for the carbonized UHMWPE Sheet. Because the set on metal structures using equipment, also makes the expansion with the plastic heat rate have a greater difference, has the carbonization of the plastics for metal with low adhesion, so it is easy to fall off from the inner wall of the cylinder head device, the inner wall and screw down, eventually into plastic melts and the produced UHMWPE Sheet appeared inside and outside wall of black spots more prone to piercing or quality problems such as leakage.