UHMWPE sheet has been widely used

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Because of the excellent properties of UHMWPE sheet, it has been widely used.

UHMWPE sheet has the following applications:

1, The UHMWPE sheet is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic materials, therefore, used for food and drug contact occasions can be.

2, In order to prevent bridging of materials when the flow is blocked; ultra high molecular weight polyethylene with high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, low water absorption characteristics, therefore, the material will not because the temperature is too low resulting in material and container wet frozen together; ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is conform to the hygiene standards.

3, In order to prevent the ship and the wharf and damage, UHMWPE sheet is used in rubber composite, the traditional steel fenders and other materials are widely used in major ports and foreign ports.

4, The UHMWPE sheet has a good self lubrication, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance. It is an ideal choice in the lining material, slider, bearing sleeves. It is a coal plant, cement plant, power plant and other enterprises a good assistant.