The characteristics of Anyang Ultrahigh UHMWPE sheet

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UHMWPE sheet mainly by the high-strength properties is widely used, first of all, to improve the wear resistance. UHMWPE sheet in a performance of the most compelling is that it has a very high wear resistance, this performance has many engineering applications are very valuable. In all plastics, the wear resistance is the best, even many metal materials is not as regular grind it. As the molecular weight of the polyethylene increases, the more such materials wear. Second, a high impact resistance. When the impact strength UHMWPE sheet and its molecular weight about, a molecular weight of less than 2,000,000, with the molecular weight increase, increased impact strength, around 2,000,000 reaches a peak, then after the peak, the molecular weight and then increased impact strength but will decline. This is because when the molecular chain is very hindered its optical crystal effect, so that there is a large region in the amorphous macromolecule which can absorb a large impact energy.