Application of Ultrahigh UHMWPE products

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Application range of Ultrahigh UHMWPE products is very broad which are mainly the following points:
1, for example, requires equipping the IDF
Can be made protective clothing, helmets, bullet-proof material. Helicopters, tanks and ships, armor plate, radar protective shell cover, the missile shield, bullet-proof vests, stab-resistant vests, shields, etc., of which the most striking body armor
2, aerospace aspects of the application
In aerospace engineering, as well the lightweight, high strength fiber composite material and shock resistance, suitable for a variety of aircraft wingtip structure, the spacecraft structure and buoys aircraft. The fibers can also be used as a rope hanging heavy on the space shuttle landing deceleration parachutes and aircraft, replacing the traditional steel ropes and synthetic ropes, its extraordinarily rapid pace of development
3, civilian
( 1 ) ropes, cables aspects of the application : the fibers with ropes, cables, sails and gear suitable for marine engineering, is the first use of the fiber. Commonly used negative force ropes, heavy ropes, salvage ropes, drag rope, sailing rope and fishing line and so on. The rope fibers, rupture length is eight times under the weight of rope, aramid 2 times. The rope used for super tankers, ocean platforms, lighthouses and other fixed anchor rope, wire rope used in the past to solve the encountered rust and nylon, polyester rope encountered corrosion, hydrolysis, ultraviolet degradation caused by cable and breaking strength reduction, need frequent replacement issues.
( 2 ) Sports equipment supplies: Sporting Goods has been made on the helmets, skis, sail round plate, rod, rackets and bicycles, gliding panels, ultra-lightweight aircraft parts, etc., its performance is better than traditional materials .
( 3 ) as a biological material : The fiber-reinforced composite materials for denture materials, medical implants and orthopedic sutures, etc., which are better biocompatibility and durability, and has high stability, not cause allergies, has been in clinical applications. Also used aspects of medical gloves and other medical measures.
( 4 ) industrial, fiber and composite materials that can be used as pressure vessel, conveyor belts, filter materials, automobile cushion panels ; architectural aspects can be used as wall, bulkhead structure, use it as reinforced cement composite materials can be improved toughness of cement, to improve its impact resistance.