How to distinguish between true and false ultrahigh UHMWPE products

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Ultrahigh UHMWPE Products are engineering thermoplastics with excellent overall performance of a linear structure. Of course, as we know it is a molecular compound, difficult process, and has superior wear resistance, self lubrication, high strength, chemical stability, strong anti-aging properties, so to Tell High molecular polyethylene, which it must pay attention to several characteristics, the specific identification method is as follows:
1. Weighing law : real proportion Ultrahigh UHMWPE Products between 0.93-0.95, lower density, can float on water. If it is not pure polyethylene material will sink to the bottom.
2. Temperature measurement : pure Ultrahigh UHMWPE Products, at 200 degrees Celsius will not melt, will not be deformed, but become soft. If it is not pure polyethylene material 200 degrees Celsius there will be deformed.
3. Visual methods: real UHMWPE surface smooth, uniform, smooth, shiny black and very uniform density section, if not pure density polyethylene material is faded and uneven.
4. Edge test method: pure high molecular weight polyethylene flange end face of the sleek, uniform, smooth, if not pure polyethylene flange end face cracks and, when heated flanging dregs phenomenon occurs.
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