Application of Anyang Ultrahigh UHMWPE

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The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet ( referred to as UHMWPE) is the key promotion of new materials in the period of the State Planning Commission "Nive Five", and scientific and technological projects of Henan Planning Commission "Nive Five ".
Application of Anyang Ultrahigh UHMWPE:
1, In the chute, and ore bucket lined compartments such as the scope of the traditional non-metal file, encounter cold wet weather, it will thaw in the non-metallic items, which are never adopted UHMWPE sheet, thereby greatly narrowing the unloading costs.
2, In aerospace engineering, due to its lightweight, high strength and good impact resistance, suitable for a variety of aircraft wingtip structure, the spacecraft structure and buoys aircraft. But can also be used as a rope hanging heavy on the space shuttle landing deceleration parachutes and aircraft, replacing the traditional steel ropes and synthetic ropes, its development speed very rapidly.
3, UHMWPE can build a coal loading, lime, cement, slag, salt, grain, etc. powdered file trailer, hopper, chute liners, as it exists excellent self-lubricating, non-sticky enable the powdery file storage and transportation facilities for the adhesion phenomenon does not occur, security firm sponsors.
4, UHMWPE is used to sponsor liquid flow sand pipeline, outstanding performance compared with other pipes in: Kotobuki with bamboo number increased by 18 times compared to the interest down to 1/25, compared with a nylon tube life expectancy increased by 3 times, interest dropped to 1/8. When the sponsor, the non-metallic pipe barrier pipe smaller than 25%, greatly improving the sponsor frequency.