The main application of UHMWPE sheet

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UHMWPE sheet can be used instead of carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and other materials, used in the textile, paper making, food machinery, transportation,medical, coal, chemical industry and other departments. Such as the textile industrytechnology shuttle device, picking stick, gear, connecting, and flower, buffer block,an eccentric block, rod bushing, swinging the consequences of such impact abrasion resistant parts. Paper industry do box cover, a water scraping plate,compression, transmission machinery parts, joint sealing shaft, the deflector wheel,scraper, filter and so on; the transportation industry do powder material hopper,hopper, chute lining.

UHMWPE sheet can be used as all kinds of machinery parts, including gear, worm gear, worm, bearing food machinery. The pump, chemical valve, plate, filter plate.Medical treatment, can also be used for heart valve surgery, short shaped parts,artificial joints and contraceptive implant. Sports do skating floor, rolling fairways,snowboarding, snowmobiling parts.

On the scope of application, it is similar with polyamide, PTFE, wear resistance thancarbon steel, gear, bearing, bearing, wheel, valve, pump, rail, packing, equipment lining, sliding board, artificial joints, fiber bulletproof vests, rope, etc..

UHMWPE sheet has many excellent properties. This was mainly due to the previousstudy of melt properties of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene insufficiency,processing method basically remains in the suppression of a sintering processbackward. In recent years, with the continuous development of processingtechnology of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, its products have beensuccessfully applied in many fields.