How to determine UHMWPE sheet manufacture quality

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Anyang Ultrahigh Industrial Technical Co., Ltd. Specializing in the production of polymer sheet, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet, coal bin liner, fender panels, nylon lining, Polymer wear plates, PE sheet metal and other chemical products manufacturers because our product quality and after-sales service are very perfect, so many of my friends would ask us some knowledge of the relevant aspects, some of my friends recently asked us how to judge good and bad UHMWPE sheet manufacture of quality. Relevant knowledge, today we are here to give you a unified explain, I hope for your help.

How to determine the quality of PE sheet you know? The following experts for you to resolve first off information:
1 See gloss surface gloss differential is recycled plastics
2 see the toughness of pure PP polypropylene plastic sheet material excellent toughness can be slightly bent
3 different colors to see which will have its cutting surface after cutting miscellaneous materials recycled plastic
4 Look density polypropylene PP density of 0.92 to 0.93 are floating on the surface of polypropylene materials
5. Their heat welding recycled plastic welding smoke there
6, transmittance, recycled plastic transmittance difference
7, toughness, recycled plastic is also a lot worse.
8, density, throwing the water to see is not floating on the water, renewable mostly sink to the bottom.