Note: The installation of UHMWPE sheet

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UHMWPE sheet has a very superior performance, and the product can absorb the shock impact, as well as the effect of preventing noise, in short, UHMWPE sheet is so widely used.

First, the liner should be worked out before the installation according to the actual situation of the silo installation process, complied with during installation. Before installing the liner on the bottom cut cutting respond labeled 45 ° bevel, the seams between the board and the board should be "under the poor" approach lap installation;
Second, if the material is connected with the cement liner, the situation should be checked silo, if coal bin liner or concave played on a prominent place should try to deal with smooth, thoroughly clearing and processing, in order to prevent coal bin liner installation not tight or off board from happening;
Third, if the steel liner and connected, you need to drill in the coal bin liner holes on creative writing, using a special curved and welded steel shim directly, or you can bolt on steel plate welded on, and then in the liner on drill holes creative writing, with a curved washer, nut or countersunk head screws connecting link.