UHMWPE Sheet used in the coal bin liner funnel

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UHMWPE Sheet as coal bin liner material has been widely used in the coal storage hopper, it is subject to the relevant domestic industry attention and concern has been for a long time, because of their special abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, impact resistance and excellent overall performance of anti- corrosion material is by far the reach of many. As materials warehouse, material hopper and coal bunker liner terminal and use initially see foreign reports, in recent years some of the introduction of the project also uses this UHMWPE Sheet, and gradually widely used in power plants, iron and steel enterprises, mining and container terminal industry, its environmental features and unique material properties make it a very high degree of popularity, but also to adapt to the requirements of environmental protection and social development.

But to do with UHMWPE Sheet coal bin liner in actual use is also more or less a little problem, that is part of the coal bin liner will be non-normal shedding phenomenon. After analysis I believe that this phenomenon is not the quality of the product itself, but with all aspects of the process have a great relationship. For example, coal bin liner installation quality, size selection, slits formed and so on. These reasons are likely in a coal bin liner off phenomenon, but as long as the professional and technical personnel to operate, such problems are generally rare, and welcome to consult the Sinar Mas Group, Shandong, information about our products.