UHMWPE sheet highest price

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UHMWPE sheet  highest price. A good processing enterprises, rarely produce large amounts of scrap material angle, this scrap manufacturers on board in useless, can be provided to a plastic recycler, they should be useful.

UHMWPE sheet excellent low temperature performance can be used as low temperature parts of the nuclear industry; health non-toxic high performance, can be used for food, health industry; vacuum box panel, dehydration plate, scraper, sealing strips can be used paper industry; the use of abrasion resistance, impact resistance, non-adhesive, non-toxic and so can be used in health food and drink machines.

Melt viscosity due to high molecular weight polyethylene sheet, nor can melt flow index measuring the molecular weight of UHMWPE plate. Now, measurement of the molecular characteristics of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate mainly made of two different methods, i.e. dilute solution viscosity measurements and tensile stress measurement method; and there are three different test standard is widely accepted and adopted worldwide .

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