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UHMWPE rods: (UHMW-PE), is a molecular weight greater than 1.5 million engineering thermoplastics. Having a molecular chain length is 10-20 times of high density polyethylene, a longer molecular chain (higher molecular weight) gives the major advantage of UHMWPE is toughness, abrasion resistance and stress cracking resistance, because it is a polyethylene species, UHMWPE also has lubricating properties, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties and versatility of HDPE, its successful development is widely considered one of the top ten scientific and technological achievements of the 20th century.

Product Features:
Excellent wear resistance, good low temperature impact resistance, self-lubricating, non-toxic, water resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance than the general PE, disadvantage is that the heat resistance (heat distortion temperature) is low, molding poor, the outer surface hardness, rigidity, creep resistance than most plastics, expansion coefficient is too large. UHMWPE poor mobility, high viscosity molten state, is in the form of a highly viscous rubber-like elastic body, by pressing and sintering only early molding methods, is also available for extrusion, injection molding and blow molding processing methods.
Mechanical performance than the usual high-density polyethylene. Has outstanding impact resistance, resistance to stress cracking resistance, high temperature creep resistance, low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating, excellent chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, noise damping resistance, radiation resistance.
Use temperature 100 ~ 110 ℃. Cold, and can be used at -269 ℃. Density 0.935g / cm3, molecular weight 2,000,000 product, its tensile strength 40MPa, elongation at break of 350%, flexural modulus of 600MPa, Izod notched impact red constantly. The amount of wear (MPC method) 20mm.

Application areas:
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene rod can be used instead of carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and other materials used in the textile, paper, food machinery, transportation, medical, mining, chemical and other sectors. Such as the textile industry on technical shuttle, a playing shuttle rods, gears, couplings, sweeping flower stem, buffer block, eccentric block, rod bushings, swing consequences of impact-resistant wear parts. Do cover plate on the paper industry, wiper blade, compaction components, connectors, mechanical drive shaft seal, deflector wheel, scrapers, filters, etc.; do powdery material on the transport of industrial hoppers, silos, chutes lining.
UHMWPE rods do all kinds of mechanical parts, including food machinery gears, worm, worm, bearings. To do chemical pumps, valves, baffles, filter plate. Medical care, but also for heart valves, short orthopedic parts, artificial joints and birth control implants. Do sports skating floor, rolling earth Road, skis, snowmobile parts.
Applications and polyamide, polytetrafluoroethylene similar wear than steel, making gears, bearings, bearings, star wheels, valves, pumps, rails, packing, equipment lining, sliding plate change, artificial joints, fiber make bullet-proof vests, ropes.
UHMWPE has many excellent properties, but such excellent engineering plastics, but few people know it exists, which is mainly due to the lack of research before the melt characteristics of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, processing method is basically still stuck pressed backward on a sintering process. In recent years, with the development of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene processing technology, and its products have been successfully applied in many fields.