UHMWPE products development and market prospects

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Modern industry, such as wood, metal materials can not meet the needs of social production nowadays. As an integrated high performance, UHMWPE products gradually enter the market. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material with good wear resistance is 4-7 times of carbon steel and stainless steel, impact strength is much higher than nylon, but it also has superior corrosion resistance and low temperature performance, its self-lubricating properties comparable to the ice surface, and is currently ranked first of all engineering plastics.

In fact, as early as the 1950s, the United States had already started to industrialize production UHMWPE products, followed by Germany, Japan also began to put into industrial production. Is the beginning of the earliest research in the 1960s and manufacturing ultra-high material, but given the limitations of the prevailing conditions, the highest molecular weight of only 1 million down. By the mid- 1980s, Germany pioneered the molecular weight polyethylene material increased to 3,000,000, from the beginning of polyethylene material into the veritable ultra era. Currently the highest molecular weight up to 1000, the company introduced the German Tekna UHMWPE materials, the highest molecular weight up to 9,000,000.

With product quality leap, UHMWPE products available in the market began to gradually replace high wear metals and plastics products. Rise and shaped pieces of machinery parts, a huge potential market demand, resulting in a lot of businesses on the market shoddy substitute material ultra high-density material, a profit margin. Anyang ultrahigh with 17 years focused on the development of production and installation experience, with sound scientific technical services, with quality and reputation builds brands, dedication and look forward to working with you.