Characteristics of Ultrahigh UHMWPE Bushing

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Features and Benefits of UHMWPE Bushings:No need for lubricants,Longer wear life compared to bronze,Lower coefficients of friction compared to bronze,Reduced wear on shaft/mating parts, Corrosion and chemical resistance.
Characteristics of Ultrahigh UHMWPE Bushing:
1, High wear characteristics
2, High impact resistance
3, Excellent chemical stability
4, Good self-lubricating
5, Non-toxic biological
6, Unique low temperature resistance
7, Non-adhesive surface
8, Optimal resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance
9, Other features: UHMWPE Bushing still absorbing, absorbing noise, antistatic, for neutron shielding capability, non-absorbent, light weight. Easy machining, coloring and other prominent features.