Which industries can use UHMWPE bushing sale

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Anyang Ultrahigh Industrial Technical Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of polymer sheet, UHMWPE bushing sale plates, coal bin liner, fender panels, nylon lining, Polymer wear plates, PE sheet metal and other chemical products manufacturers, because our product quality and after-sales service are very perfect, so many of my friends would ask us some knowledge of the relevant aspects, some of my friends recently asked us what the industry can use knowledge of UHMWPE bushing sale, and today we give you unity here explain what I hope for your help.

UHMWPE bushing sale can be used instead of carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and other materials used in the textile, paper, food machinery, transportation, health care, mining, chemical and other sectors. If the technical textile industry shuttle, a dozen shuttle rods, gears, couplings, sweeping flower stem, buffer block, eccentric rod bushings, swing consequences of impact-resistant and wear parts. Do cover plate on the paper industry, wiper blade, compaction components, connectors, mechanical drive shaft was sealed, side guide wheel, scrapers, filters, etc. ; do get on the transportation industry powdery material hoppers, silos, chutes was lining.

UHMW-PE do have a variety of mechanical components, including food machinery have gears, worm, worm, bearings. Chemical to do pumps, valves, baffles, plate. Medical care, but also for heart valve surgery short form parts, artificial joints and birth control implants. Doing sports skating floor, rolling earth road, snowboarding, snowmobile parts. UHMW-PE can do high modulus fibers, the manufacture of body armor, aircraft seats, shipping, fishing rope and so on. Applications and polyamide, PE similar wear than steel, making gears, bearings, bearing, star wheels, valves, pumps, rails, sealing packing, equipment lining becomes slippery boards, artificial joints, fiber for body armor, ropes and so on.

UHMWPE bushing sale too has many excellent properties, however, was so excellent engineering but few people know that it was present, this is mainly due to the previously obtained for UHMWPE bushing sale melt characteristics of the lack of research, processing method was basically still in the backward repression a sintering process on. In recent years, with a UHMWPE bushing sale processing technology continues to develop, the products have been applied have been successful in many fields.