Application notes about UHMW anti-static sheet

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Using UHMW anti-static sheet, there are several points to note:
1, Particles of various materials with different hardness, not free replacement materials and flow, To change the original design capacity of not more than 12% of the flow of materials or randomly change will affect the life of the liner.
2, May not use external damage to its structure and random loose fasteners.
3, The material in the warehouse stationary state time should not exceed 36 hours (compared with viscous material, please do not stay in a position to prevent caking), moisture content of less than 4% of the material may be extended rest time.
4, At lower temperatures, please note that the material in the warehouse still time to avoid frozen blocks.
5, The first use of UHMW Anti-static Sheet, Material storage silo to be two-thirds of the entire warehouse capacity, then the line discharge.
6, Operation, must always remain within the heap material Jincang blanking material point positions, and keep the material inside the warehouse storage capacity of more than half of the entire warehouse capacity.
7, The direct impact of the liner material is strictly prohibited.