UHMWPE sheet thickness design

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UHMWPE sheet wall thickness of the basic design principles-a uniform wall thickness. Namely: filling, cooling contraction uniform, good shape, high dimensional accuracy and high productivity.
Ensure that the wall thickness of the storage, handling process required strength.

In connection fastening products at UHMWPE sheet, insert embedded in place, the plastic melt at the confluence of the window hole ( weld line ) Department, to have sufficient thickness.
Meet molding melt filling the wall thickness required, both to avoid the charge of inadequate material or easily charred thin, but also to avoid the melt.
Wall thickness is designed to withstand the top of the device, such as shock and vibration.
Under the structure and use of products to meet the required conditions, as a smaller wall thickness.
Rupture prone to depression or thick.
Wall thickness difference on the relationship between adjacent products (thin wall: thick) as follows:
Thermosetting plastics : repression 1:3, 1:5 extrusion
UHMWPE sheet thermoplastics :
When you can not avoid uneven thickness of the wall thickness can be designed in the form of a gradual transition.
Or restructured into two articles and then assembled into a product.