Can be isolated from the surface properties of UHMWPE marine fender pad

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 Comb the surface properties of water, for many non-stick material, can play a role in isolation.
Because it has many excellent properties that can solve some of the defense industry, in all aspects of industrial equipment for civilian needs.
1, radio, motor: Telecommunications Industry: TV and oscilloscope high pressure cap. Potentiometer seals and insulating sleeve. Thyristors shell. Sealed Power head. Insulated stator coils. Contacting gas seals. Insulating sleeve. Switch shields, computer, telephone surface conductive rubber sheet, keyboard switches, varistors.
2, Transportation: shipbuilding industry applications: automotive brake plastic cap. Cup. Hose. Seals. Seal the exhaust system. Spark plug cap. Ignition. Piston rings. Dynamic rotor engine with "O" rings. Marine shockproof pieces. Hydraulic system seals, oil seals, etc.
Do not have a lot of metal where it can be done, and this is the value of UHMWPE marine fender pad manifestation of the Department.