Superior performance and application of UHMWPE sheet

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Compared with other products, UHMWPE sheet has excellent features. The mechanical properties of sheet products is higher than the average high-density polyethylene. UHMWPE sheet has outstanding impact resistance, resistance to stress cracking resistance, high temperature creep resistance, low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating, excellent chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, noise damping resistance, radiation resistance.
Further UHMWPE sheet with high impact resistance, low temperature can be adapted unimaginable. This excellent low temperature properties, so that the application of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene extended to cryogenic engineering.
On the other hand, the product of low coefficient of friction, good self-lubricating, is an ideal bearing bushings, sliders, lining materials. which extremely advantageous various functionality, making the products are more widely used in industry, but also by the great many users praise. This is increasingly the forefront of technological development brought us the magical effect. So good products have good quality, proper use in order to extend its life.