Anyang Ultrahigh UHMWPE sheet superior technology

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Anyang Ultrahigh Industrial Technical Co., Ltd. today and share the UHMWPE Sheet superior technology, UHMWPE Sheet has high strength, high transparency, good weather resistance, non-toxic, health, physical performance is better than plexiglass. Widely used equipment guards, interior, water tank, liquid level display. In order to meet customer needs while increasing color : transparent, matte black, matte white, matte, light black, light white, light gray, dark gray, white and so on. The introduction of foreign advanced technology, the choice of advanced imported raw materials and production of a high strength, high transparent plastic sheet. Wind, earthquake - safe and reliable 90-degree building facade decoration, whether in house or high-rise, inland or coastal, can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes invasion, the roofing system is safe and reliable. Weathering of excellence - the life of not less than five years, a unique anti-aging formula designed super weather, proven: in all weather conditions in Russia, China mainland's southeast coast, Southeast Asia, are showing good apply. UHMWPE Sheet waterproof performance highlights - free set waterproof layer, at 15 degrees -90 degrees slope roof buildings were set free waterproof layer. Tile material properties, structure, patent accessories and reasonable installation as a whole science to make the roof waterproofing system.