The special properties of UHMWPE Bar

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Anyang Ultrahigh Industrial Technical Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of UHMWPE Bar R & D company, over the years made a lot of customers at home and abroad, has studied for polyethylene sheet summarizes some particularity talk to share with you:

UHMWPE Bar has a special purpose in the slag, slurry, sand and plant ash conveying areas: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene because with high wear resistance, self lubrication and corrosion resistance, particularly suitable for coal, ore conveying powder and solid-liquid slurry was mixed. Furthermore, in addition to high molecular weight polyethylene used in coal mines, it can also be applied to iron ore, manganese ore and other ferrous metal mining ; non-ferrous mining copper, gold, aluminum, etc. ; graphite ore, limestone mining, bauxite, gypsum mine and other non-metallic mining. UHMWPE can be made thick-walled pipe, then cut into a variety of sleeve, mainly for replacing mine belt conveyor idlers and its steel bearings. Routine maintenance is the replacement of the main belt conveyor idlers, and maintenance of roller bearings are mainly replacement. Coal, ordinary steel magnet powder used to transport heavy media plant, because severe wear uniform to be replaced every four months time, if the use of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe, life will be greatly increased. Therefore, the amount is very large bearing on the coal industry systems, each producing 1 million t of coal consumed about 15,000 bearings.

Special purpose UHMWPE Bar material is produced special plastic pipe products. If these bearings are produced using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene because of high wear resistance and high self- lubricating, can greatly simplify the structure of the belt conveyor idlers, installation and maintenance is very convenient, the annual savings for the coal industry large expense. Because mine belt conveyor working premise is very bad, water, coal, cement, cinder, ore, gravel, etc. often entering the bearing, resulting operation is not flexible, even stuck, exacerbated idler and belt wear.