How to solve the UHMWPE Sheet uneven color

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We must understand the cause uneven color UHMWPE Sheet reason, there are two: one is the raw material UHMWPE Sheet is not pure; the other is in the production process resulted in UHMWPE Sheet UHMWPE sheet materials are not pure. For more of our problem, we recommend making UHMWPE Sheet, be sure to pay attention to the production of raw materials not to be contaminated, and pay attention to the content of the material in the monitoring of moisture and volatile matter; Also note that the production equipment is clean enough, the device should be checked are there contaminants and production equipment barrel on the hopper of a foreign body; the last thing to note is that the production of metallic foreign bodies in the barrel do not have to make the raw material degradation. Only do the above, in order to better protect the uniform color of our UHMWPE Sheet.