Small properties of UHMWPE Sheet

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UHMWPE Sheet material is strictly prohibited direct impact, UHMWPE Sheet warehouses lining made of different hardness due to particles of various materials, not free replacement materials and flow, For change, not greater than the original design capacity of 12 percent, randomly change will affect the flow of materials or UHMWPE Sheet life. UHMWPE Sheet ambient temperature should normally be between -26--80 ℃, can not be exceeded. May not use external damage to its structure and casual loose fasteners.
Our UHMWPE Sheet using different components, different sizes of glass beads were filled with modified for UHMWPE Sheet discusses the mechanical properties of glass beads of blends, friction and wear properties and flow properties. In addition, the introduction of UHMWPE stick - slip transition theory, optimization improves lubrication pe sheet extrusion device by filling blend of UHMWPE system modified experimental study carried out continuous twin screw extrusion sheet and to explore the combination of the screw impact extrusion molding, and eventually won the smooth surface and high performance plate products the best technology and equipment conditions.