UHMWPE rod using slurry process

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UHMWPE rod raw material production process using slurry process, available Mg-Ti efficient catalysts, polymerization can be intermittent, long-term operation without clear reactor, polymerization products up to a higher molecular weight (4.8 to 5 million).
This product is a high performance engineering thermoplastics with outstanding of impact, abrasion, self-lubricating and other mechanical properties, can be used in paper-making machinery, textile equipment, chemical machinery, materials handling sectors and food machinery, sports equipment, high strength die the amount of fiber.
Product specifications and indicators: 5,000,000 and 3,500,000 molecular weight. An intrinsic viscosity of> 2200ml / g, a density 0.935-0.945g/ml, bulk density 0.35-0.4g/ml. Impact strength ≥ 150KJ / square meter, tensile strength 30 ~ 40MPa. Elongation rate after 300 - 400% of the water content of less than 0.2%.
UHMWPE rod production scale of 1000 tons of equipment in the investment of about 700 million. Sector in the region of about 4.5 million, the payback period in two years.