UHMWPE Sheet has super hardy characteristics

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UHMWPE Sheet has super hardy characteristics, which can work at -269 ℃ under.
1, Good chemical resistance. UHMWPE Sheet has good resistance to chemical corrosion properties, in addition to concentrated nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, it will not corrode at all lye, acid solution.
2, A low coefficient of friction. UHMWPE Sheet is very resistant, and low coefficient of friction, good self-lubricating, is an ideal bearing bushings, sliders, lining materials.
3, A high impact resistance. Impact strength UHMWPE Sheet and its molecular weight is relevant. When the molecular weight of less than 2 million, with the growth of the molecular weight, the impact strength increased, reaching about 2 million a peak, then the peak molecular weight and then increased impact strength but will decline.