UHMWPE Sheet products are very good Home Furnishing materials

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UHMWPE Sheet is widely used in construction, is a very good Home Furnishing materials. Product performance characteristics of UHMWPE Sheet:
Excellent wear resistance, excellent low temperature impact resistance, self lubricity, non-toxic, water resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance is better than general PE, the disadvantage is the resistance to heat (heat distortion temperature) and low, poor processing forming, outer surface hardness, rigid, creep resistance than the general engineering plastics, expansion coefficient too large. UHMWPE liquidity is poor, the molten state of high viscosity, high viscoelastic body is a rubber like, early can only by pressing and sintering methods of forming, or processed by extrusion, injection molding and blow molding method at present.
The mechanical properties of high density polyethylene was higher than that of general. With impact resistance, prominent stress cracking resistance, high temperature creep, low coefficient of friction, self lubricity, excellent chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, noise damping resistance, radiation resistance etc.. The use of temperature 100 to 110 DEG C. Cold resistant sex is good, can use at -269 deg.. The density of 0.935g/cm3, molecular weight of 2000000 products, the tensile strength of 40MPa, breaking elongation of 350% and elastic modulus in bending 600MPa, notched Izod impact time. The wear volume (MPC) 20mm.