UHMWPE sheet performance characteristics

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UHMWPE sheet thermoplastics, has many excellent performance, but because of its relatively high molecular weight, melt thermoplastic properties and are generally distinct, has caused great difficulties for molding, mainly in the following four areas:
(1) minimal friction coefficient, when the powder feed slippery and difficult to feed;
(2) the high melt viscosity, UHMWPE has a melt flow rate (MFR) 1O-fold increase in load (i.e. 21.6 kg) is almost zero when the viscosity of up to 1O, when a screw extruder, melt EVAL rotary screw live together, it is difficult along the screw forward, easy to form a "material force";
(3) a critical shear rate is low, at the time of extrusion, due to melt fracture and cracks caused by products, during the injection process, due to the emergence of the jet resulting article porosity and delamination;
(4) forming a narrow temperature range, easy to oxidative degradation