Compared to traditional materials, UHMWPE sheet has more reliable performance

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UHMWPE sheet is the highest quality available, which can be used in harsh working environments and multi-purpose material in many difficult application conditions adaptability very good. Since the birth of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate, which spread very fast, by many customers.
UHMWPE sheet has 300-600 10,000 molecular weight, high density polyethylene resin is only 30-50 million, far behind the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate, so it has a higher strength, the equivalent of tens of polyethylene resin times, has resistance to abrasion and impact resistance is also common polyethylene resin unmatched. Because UHMWPE sheet will not melt into a liquid flow, so the processing method is derived from powdered metal technology. Conventional plastic processing techniques such as injection molding, blow molding and heat setting, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate can not be applied. This resin extrusion molding is the most common process, so that the products produced toughness stronger.