Properties of UHMWPE sheet

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UHMWPE sheet also has a self-lubricating and non-binding nature of the 21st century, high-performance polyethylene board technology gives UHMWPE sheet is self-healing, self-degradation, self-diagnostic, self-made features as one of the intelligence material. To develop a high stiffness, high strength, high heat environment of UHMWPE sheet focus build material, forming, design, check the integration of material systems. Polyethylene plate comprehensive treatment focusing on the development and regeneration of physical recovery (crushing and recycling), chemical recycling (pyrolysis) and energy recovery, strengthening the technical route, comprehensive treatment technology research, demonstration production line construction, recycling research, and vigorously expand the use of renewable materials application of gypsum, in the application of pultruded products and applications and typical products used in SMC / BMC molding products. Modified polyethylene plate with good self-lubricating and not bonded, and therefore does not adhere to the roller surface and bulk materials to ensure the smooth running of the belt.