Five Advantages of UHMWPE sheet products

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UHMWPE sheet products have the following five advantages:
First, high impact resistance UHMWPE sheet impact toughness highest in the existing engineering plastics this product, many materials in serious or repeated impact of the explosion will crack, damaged, broken or surface fatigue capabilities of the product by GB1843 standards, Izod impact testing achieved without damage.
Second, a low coefficient of friction due to the characteristics of the present product contains waxy, friction coefficient (196N, 2 hours) only 0.219MN / m (GB3960) good self-lubricating properties, their performance is better than oil lubricated sliding steel and brass; especially in harsh environments, dust, sand and more places, the product itself more fully dry lubricating properties are displayed, not only freedom of movement, and the protection of related work is not being worn, strain.
Third, non-adhesive surface of the product due to the friction coefficient is small and non-polar, non-surface with good adhesion. Existing materials in general PH value of 9 were above medium scale, this product is not scaling. This feature is used for thermal power station coal ash discharge system has great significance.
Fourth, there are other features of the product can absorb, absorb noise, antistatic, for neutron shielding capability, does not absorb water (6%), light weight, good weather resistance, easy machining, coloring and other prominent features.
Fifth, high wear resistance UHMWPE sheet unique molecular structure, and it has a transcendent ability of anti-sliding friction. Wear resistance higher than the general metal and plastics, is 6.6 times that of carbon steel, stainless steel 5.5-fold, 27.3-fold brass, is 17.9 times that of phenolic resin, nylon 5 times, 5 times polytetrafluoroethylene.