UHMWPE sheet civilized construction and product protection

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Speaking of civilized construction here in UHMWPE sheet, for example, how to pre-construction process in the removal of garbage and other post.
The UHMWPE sheet approach must accumulate prescription, good rain protection.
When you paste the upper, falling down the adhesive mortar may contaminate the lower polystyrene plates and mesh, must be promptly cleaned up.
Construction mixing mortar must be used kegs, after running out of water pipe valve closed.
Cutting down the UHMWPE sheet must be readily broken slats with bags installed, prohibiting litter everywhere, everywhere drift.
Prohibited in the top plate electrical, gas welding operations.
When applied adhesive mortar, be careful not to pollute the window sub-frame, sub-frame to be contaminated must be promptly cleaned with a damp cloth.
Must be set to urinate within each floor construction barrels, to ensure that workers can operate by chapter, to prevent the measure from the uncivilized phenomenon.
Demolition work on the scaffolding should be doing to protect the finished wall is prohibited, such as heavy impact UHMWPE sheet steel wall.