The performance characteristics of UHMWPE sheet

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The role of UHMWPE sheet in the industry is very important, and it is widely used, when used to understand the performance characteristics of a good UHMWPE sheet, so you can better play its role. Here we are concerned about the performance characteristics of UHMWPE sheet.
First, pressure. Ultra-high-pressure pipe is suitable for work 0.2Mpa-4.0Mpa, use of a wide range;
Second, the wear-resistant. The same conditions, the volume loss is only one seventh of steel pipe. 4-7 times more wear-resistant than steel;
Third, easy connection. Ultra-high pipe flange or clamp electric hot melt connection, convenient and safe construction, no leaks leak worries;
Fourth, the anti-aging. Ultra-high tube joined the anti-UV materials, can be used in the hot sun for more than 50 years;
Fifth, corrosion-resistant. High structural stability, erosion resistant variety of chemical mediators; no electrochemical corrosion, no coating;
Sixth, light weight. Ultra-high tube density of about one eighth of the steel, easy handling and installation, engineering, and lower total cost, with good economic returns;
Seventh, not scaling. Pipe wall is smooth, can prevent the media in the wall scaling, productivity is not affected;
Eighth, long life. In the same conditions, the life of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is steel seven times;
Ninth, low temperature resistance. Ultra-high tube operating temperature span, -70 ℃ -85 ℃ deformation, are suitable for use.