Performance overview of UHMWPE pulley wheel

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UHMWPE pulley wheel ziegler type catalysts efficient low pressure synthesis, molecular weight control 150-300 million or more as needed. Considering the process of thermal degradation of molecules, it has a viscosity average molecular weight greater than 1,700,000, high-density polyethylene processing into various products, energy can be more advantageous.
High wear resistance: in all current engineering plastics best wear resistance of UHMW-PE, the most eye-catching. The higher molecular weight materials more resistant, even more than many metal materials ( such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc.). UHMW-PE pipe for example, in strong corrosion and high wear conditions is 4-6 times the life of steel, but also improve the transmission efficiency of 20%. Fully demonstrated the "energy, environmental, economic, and efficient" superiority.
Corrosion resistance: from corrosion in alkaline solution may be applied in concentrated hydrochloric acid in 80 ℃, 75 % concentrated sulfuric acid, nitric acid 20% stable performance of its water, the liquid detergent is also stable.
Low coefficient of friction: static friction coefficient of 0.07, good self-lubricating, is an ideal bearings, bushings, sliders, lining materials. UHMW-PE as optional equipment friction components, in addition to improved wear life, it can also receive energy-saving effect.
Impact resistance: Shock ranks first in plastic, whether it is strong external shock, or internal pressure fluctuations, making it difficult to crack. The impact strength of nylon 66 is 10 times, 20 times of PVC, PTFE 8 times ; especially at low temperatures, but the impact strength of the highest value, which provides a flexible delivery system performance extremely reliable protection.
Anti-aging: stable performance, good aging resistance, ground, can be buried underground for 50 years without aging. Measured according to ASTM method (load 4.6 kg / cm2), heat distortion temperature of 85 ℃, temperature up to 90 ℃, under special circumstances, to allow use at higher temperatures. UHMW-PE is an excellent toughness of the material, it is also very excellent low temperature resistance, low temperature at -269 ℃, still has some ductility, and no signs of embrittlement. But larger coefficient of linear expansion, thermal conductivity is poor, so when designing products, to give full attention.