PE gasket friction coefficient compared with other plastics

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PE gasket oil in absence of conditions to form a sliding or turning work, better lubricating properties than steel and copper in the lubricating occasions.

PE gasket is based on ultra high molecular weight polyethylene materials, modified according to customer requirements to join relevant materials have been mixed - rolling - Sintering - cooling - high-pressure setting - mold - forming. Has a high impact resistance, impact strength is about 2 times the PC, POM, and more than 10 times the PBTP. Impact resistance is so high that the choice of approach is generally difficult to test the impact of cracking damage. The impact strength increases with the progress of the molecular weight reaches the maximum in the molecular weight 1,500,000, especially when the state at a low temperature impact resistance. PE gasket character is translucent white, the color can also be specified by the user.

PE gasket has excellent chemical stability, excellent acid, alkali and salt corrosion. UHMWPE sheet has excellent anti-aging properties, under natural sunlight conditions, its aging life of 40 years.