PE foam gasket cleaning work

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Anyang Ultrahigh Industrial Technical Co., Ltd. Specializing in the production of polymer sheet, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet, coal bin liner, fender panels, nylon lining, Polymer wear plates, PE sheet metal and other chemical products manufacturers because our product quality and after-sales service are very perfect, so many of my friends would ask us some knowledge of the relevant aspects, some of my friends recently asked our PE foam gasket knowledge of cleaning work, today we give you here a unified explain what I hope for your help.

PE foam gasket routine cleaning and maintenance work is very important, here I introduce you to PE foam gasket cleaning work. PE foam gasket and other materials will be exposed to the atmosphere the same. However, PE foam gasket in rainfall, there is also a correlation between artificial irrigation and dirty surfaces. Determine the effect of rainfall through the same lath directly on the atmosphere and on the covered areas. Human artificial washing effect is achieved by using six scrubbing sponge with soapy water to the right of each block is determined every slat. The results showed that, compared with the slats in place and covered the place not to be flushed through the scrub to remove artificial rain erosion and wear plate surface and dust deposition on the surface of the case has a good effect. Has also been found, also affect the condition of the surface machining, the surface roughness of the smooth surface area slats slats better results.