Polyethylene pe bar used in the textile industry

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Weaving machine parts need to have impact resistance, shock crack resistance, self-lubricating and silencer, making the field of polyethylene pe bar became the first application of textile machinery. From after the first part of UHMWPE products produced in the 1950s, there have been more than 200 kinds of textile products of UHMWPE components available. Toughness Polyethylene pe bar are fully displayed on the high-speed looms leather knot: leather knot role is to stop and struck the shuttle, so that it moves back and forth across the loom. Shuttle is usually 3-5 kg heavier steel products, at the highest speed, the impact frequency of up to 200 times rain.

Currently, foreign applications on each textile machine parts UHMWPE products average 3O pieces. Such as picking, a dozen shuttle rods, gears, couplings, sweeping flower stem, buffer block, eccentric rod bushings, swinging back rest and other impact-resistant wear parts. Before using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate, can accept only so -impact water leather knot, it can withstand the impact of one million times. Under the same conditions, the use of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene leather knot can take the 500 million to 1500 million times shock.