Why to choose our UHMWPE Sheet

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Anyang Ultrahigh Industrial Technical Co., Ltd. undertook the construction of the project, and developed the UHMWPE sheet technology and equipment of four-station, hot plasticized, cold forming, two machine interaction with annual output of 1,000 tons.

Abrasion resistance better: UHMWPE Sheet is three times the normal wear of cast stone, manganese over 10 times more than 30 times the normal steel, because the use of UHMWPE Sheet, which saves a lot of precious metal materials, and can life of the equipment to ensure that the use of up to 12 years, long life and without the use of protection and conservation, reducing the production cost of ownership and improve the production of power.

Corrosion resistance better: UHMWPE Sheet acid function perfectly, length of time and the high concentration of sodium hydroxide solution and a sulfuric acid solution, no loss, which is acid-corrosion resistant tiles, porcelain, spent just rock, stainless steel and polymer material 15-25 times, even in the acid environment can frequently alternating normal use.
Strong impact resistance, impact resistance, it features up to 5.5KJ/M2, is three times the normal cast stone (1.57KJ/M2), can be satisfied far the vast majority of material handling process equipment protection needs of vulnerable sites .

Avoid swelling excellent blocking performance: its crystal scales between 0.1 microns -0.3 microns, compact and uniform, flat appearance lubrication, the friction coefficient is extremely small, useful to promote the activities of the coal handling the ever-expanding coal bunker blocking the fundamental , hanging material phenomenon, so the volume is maximized bunker full advantage of, but also deal with the past, the end of shooting positions brought security risks. Then increase the power production, and to ensure the safety of the production.