Material advantage of UHMWPE sheet

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UHMWPE sheet has high impact resistance, high quality UHMWPE sheet surface is smooth, low friction coefficient, and the wear resistance of first-class, for buffer materials such as buffer bed cushion panel has great advantage.
Secondly, UHMWPE sheet ensures that the conveying surface with contact with the surface, uniform stress, effectively prevent the belt longitudinal tearing off roller,caused by fracture, and greatly reduces the probability of belt is sharp or sharp material penetration longitudinal tearing.
In addition, UHMWPE sheet can effectively reduce the discharging point motion,the effective protection of conveyor belt, saving resources. In addition to ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet used as buffer plate greatly reduces the buffer bed daily repair and maintenance costs. And smooth surface UHMWPE sheet make the conveyor friction zone runs down to the lowest.