Several major features of UHMWPE sheet material

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First, in UHMWPE sheet added modifiers such as molybdenum disulfide, which greatly improves the non-sticky, and UHMWPE sheet by high-pressure high-speed hybrid composite fillers and no-montmorillonite, changing its heat distortion temperature, temperature up to 120 ℃, and self-contained waxy substance, with high self-lubricating, UHMWPE sheet does not absorb water features it has moisture-proof function.
Also in the UHMWPE sheet was added respectively micro beads and stabilizers to enhance the abrasion resistance and fatigue resistance but also wear resistance, and abrasion resistance is more than 2 times the original polymer material.
UHMWPE sheet but also a notable feature is the inclusion reinforcement powder, liquid crystal polymer and other modifiers, it has superior impact strength. Finally UHMWPE sheet has all the advantages and type Ⅱ life is more than three times the original polymer materials.